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Wellness Committee


This the new home page for the Wellness Committee. Please assign someone from your committee to maintain this page. The webmaster will help you understand how to make changes, but updating content is the responsibility of your committee.

This website is designed to be compatible with the Microsoft Office Suite. The best browser to use for editing is Internet Explorer with Silverlight installed.

Add a new image, change this welcome text or add new lists to this page by clicking the edit button above. You can click on Shared Documents to add files or on the calendar to create new team events. Use the links in the getting started section to share your site and customize its look.



 Shared Documents

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Shared Documents Tip

On Windows platform with Office installed, Sharepoint assumes you want to open any Word doc you click. If you are not logged in, Sharepoint will then ask you to log in.

If you just want to read the document without making changes, right click the document name and "Download Linked File As ..."​​ 


Getting Started

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