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Title III


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Use the Tasks list to keep track of work that you or your team needs to complete.
Career Survey - October 2015
Completed(2) Normal11/30/2015
100 %
Career Survey - Spring 2016
Not Started(2) Normal4/30/2016
0 %
Train Liaisons on Dynamic Advisee List
Not Started(2) Normal3/4/2016
0 %
Meet with Sheila re: Mobile App
Not Started(2) Normal5/1/2016
Summer Summit Meeting
Not Started(2) Normal6/30/2016
Dr. Walters to meet with Deans
Not Started(2) Normal4/30/2016
Dr. Walters to meet with Liaisons
Not Started(2) Normal5/31/2016
Faculty Professional Develop Taskforce to Meet
Not Started(2) Normal5/30/2016
Faculty Professional Development of Cohort 2 - Whole day
Not Started(2) Normal5/11/2016
Faculty Professional development of Cohort 2 - Session 3
Not Started(2) Normal5/12/2016