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eLearning & Innovation (eLi)
Steering Committee

Charge  of Committee

The eLearning & Innovation Steering Committee (eLISC) will guide and offer oversight to all initiatives of the eLearning & Innovation (formerly DL) department. The eLISC will be the focal point clearing house for collaboration, communication, coordination and integration of the eLi department’s activities with the rest of the college’s activities, action projects and strategic planning. It will ensure the eLi department is effectively collaborating with adjunct & full-time faculty to lead and effectively support all aspects of development & support of all NC State courses, identifying recognizing & scaling innovation and best practices in teaching via adjunct & full-time faculty professional development programming.

Specific Committee Responsibilities

·         Assist in adjunct & full-time faculty development and teaching innovation policies to be submitted to the college and related areas for review/coordination as needed.

·         Assist in developing and reviewing a yearly strategic plan for the eLi Department with specific measurable goals, milestones, metrics and objectives for all eLi activities. Review and revise as needed each year.

·         Identify new significant technology purchases to recommend to the IT Services Committee to best support and scale innovation with emerging learning and teaching technologies.

·         Identify collaboratively with adjunct & fulltime faculty their needs & interests for development programming and ensure eLi programming is developed across multiple modes to meet identified needs.

·         Advise on policies and processes for ongoing development of the Quality Matters initiative for excellence in online & hybrid courses.

·         Identify, advise and seek out external resources to recognize & support innovation in student success across all modalities.

2015-16 eLiSC Membership

CHAIR (eLi Dept. Coordinator):                    Mike Welker
Adjunct Liasion:                                          Stephanie Kreischer
IT Drector:i                                                Major Price
Asst. Dean:                                                Craig Ali
Student Services:                                       Rose Hughes

2 Faculty for each Div (Pref. 1 Adj & 1 FT):

-BiT:             Matt Cupach & Carmen Morrison
-HS:            Vickie Rose & Dorie Ford
-LA & PS:     Lori Hardiman, Pamela Henney, Christine Schearer & Michelle Slattery

2015-16 eLiSC Sub-Committee Teams:

Christine Schearer (LEAD), Stephanie Kreischer & Doug Hanuscin

Pamela Henney (LEAD), Carmen Morrison & Vickie Rose

Mike Welker (LEAD), Carmen Morrison, Michelle Slattery, Craig Ali & Rose Hughes

Matt Cupach (LEAD), Dorie Ford, Lori Hardiman & Mike Welker


 Shared Documents

eLI Steering Committee 10-3-14 APPROVED minutes.docx
11/11/2014 2:36 PMNo presence informationMichael Welker
eLI Steering Committee 9-5-14 APPROVED minutes.docx
10/9/2014 9:15 AMNo presence informationMichael Welker
eLi Steering Committee Charter-REVISED approved 3-27-14.docx
7/21/2014 4:25 PMNo presence informationMichael Welker

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